submersible sewage pump FAQ

Application range of submersible sewage pump?

Transmission of various domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, construction site drainage, suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plant, steel plant, power plant, coal processing industry, and urban sewage treatment plant drainage system, municipal engineering, Contaminated particles and sewage in construction sites and other industries can also be used to pump clean water and corrosive media

What are the advantages of submersible sewage pump?

Compact structure and small footprint;Easy installation and maintenance;Long continuous running time;No cavitation damage and water diversion

Must a valve be installed on the drain pipe of the submersible sewage pump?

Under normal circumstances, gate valves and check valves are required, but if two submersible sewage pumps in a pit are connected to outdoor inspection wells with separate discharge pipes, are gate valves and check valves on the outlet pipes also required

What's wrong with the low flow rate of submersible sewage pump or no water?

It may be due to the blockage of the inlet filter, the impeller of the sewage pump, the pump casing, the water pipe, etc., or the outlet pipe in the pool is broken. When the submersible sewage pump does not output water, it should be immediately powered off and shut down to check and remove the blockage.

After connecting the power supply, the impeller does not rotate, the winding is burnt out, what is the matter?

Because the impeller or other rotating parts are caught by the debris, the motor does not rotate, the overcurrent protection device fails, and the stator current suddenly increases, thereby burning the winding. At this time, you should first cut off the power and check the line to see if there is a fuse blown or the circuit is not open. If the circuit is normal, it is likely that the stator winding of the motor is burnt out.

How to deal with the leakage of submersible sewage pump?

Leakage of submersible sewage pumps is a dangerous problem, endangering personal safety. Long-term use of submersible sewage pumps, the mechanical seal surface will have very serious wear, resulting in water infiltration, immersion in the motor windings leading to leakage. You can place the submersible pump in a dry environment, and then replace the mechanical seal surface with a new one, and then the submersible sewage pump can be put into use again.

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