Water Pump FAQ

Why the water pump doesn't discharge water?

1) The inlet and outlet valves are closed or blocked, or the impeller flow passage is blocked.

2) Motor running direction is wrong, the motor is short of phase, and the speed is very slow;

3) Air leakage of suction pipe;

4) The pump is not filled with liquid or there is air in the pump chamber;

5) Water supply is insufficient, the suction head is too high, and the bottom valve leaks water;

6) The pipeline resistance is too large, and the selection of water pump is not appropriate.

Why does the pump vibrate too much when running?

1) Cavitation occurred inside the pump;

2) Impeller imbalance;

3) The pump shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft;

4) Foundation bolts are loose;

5) Shaft bending;

6) Bearing wear.

What is the function of the outlet valve?

The outlet valve is a part that can adjust the flow, and it can separate the pump and system when  opening and shutting down for maintenance.

What factors will affect the pump performance?

1) Speed will affect the flow rate and pump head.

2) Temperature will affect the suction height, NPSHr and inlet pressure.

3) Viscosity and density will affect power.

Main factors affecting sealing?

1) Quality of the seal itself

2) Process operation conditions

3) Installation accuracy

4) Accuracy of the host

5) Sealing auxiliary system

What is the function of the foot valve on the water suction pipe of the water pump?

Prevent the water in the pump and inlet pipe from flowing back to the water tank after the pump stops, so that when the pump started next time, the pump is still full of water, and the pump can be started directly without filling the pump.

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